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Q1) How can we trust a   new brand?

Ans. You can trust us as our products have gone through stringent test and are approved by F.D.A. Our products are manufactured under ISO and WHO GMP certification which are certified to be safe.

Q2) What is Rice protein?

Ans. Rice protein is a vegan protein isolate. The most precious form of rice extract in terms of beauty benefits is rice protein. “Rice protein, extracted from rice bran, is a water-soluble vegetable protein obtained after the processing of rice with specific enzymes.

Q3) Why we lose hair?

Ans. Our hair strands are made up of a protein called keratin. Lack of protein can lead to hair loss

One of the reasons behind this is inadequate supply of protein to the hair follicles in order to produce hair. Bombeaut Rice protein products helps to restore deficiency in protein to hair follicles by external application.

Q4) Have you tested your products on animals?

Ans. No we don’t test our products on animal or we support it but we have tested our products on human beings by doing patch test to ensure no skin allergies are occurring.

Q5) How Rice protein is helpful for skin?

Ans. Pure Rice protein helps skin in many ways like it Nourishes and rejuvenates skin, Stimulates the collagen production, Tightens the skin and the pores, maintains skin elasticity, promotes cell regeneration, protects skin from free radicals, Reduces hyperpigmentation with immediate effect.

Q6) What are signs of lack of protein in hair?

Ans. Flat, limp or stringy hair is a sure shot sign that your hair lacks enough protein. Adding protein to your diet or as a hair treatment with Bombeaut products can make the hair voluminous.

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